Over the range tyre and mechanical repairs- Gibb River Road

We left Kalumburu and headed south again and back to the Gibb River Rd. It is amazing how fast many people drive on the Gibb. Steve and I drive like Nanny and Pop in comparison. We have Jayco caravans speeding past our “off road” caravan at sometimes double our speed. The amount of dead tyres left on the side of the road is staggering and I guess there would be some people who have shredded a tyre and take their rubbish with them, making the count even higher! This is just a fraction of what we saw on the road. We have now done 27,500 kms and have yet to do a tyre on a dirt rd. I probably should NOT have said that! M

It costs $3500 to tow a car back to civilisation. If you cant afford that, you leave your van or car on the road and it becomes artwork. Shredded tyres are found all along the road. M

The blue prado above was a roll over and all the camping gear was just left on the road. We were told it was two cars travelling together and probably driving too fast. One couple we talked to, saw 3 of these on their 2 weeks on the Gibb! M

On the way we noticed a chain hanging loose underneath the caravan. Not sure how many hours it was under there smashing away but when Steve got under to have a look and saw that there was a problem with one of the shock absorbers. We headed to the only place we could go and that was to Over the Range Tyre repairs about 2 hours away. Neville and Todd were fantastic. They were just the nicest guys that went out of their way to help you. Neville’s wife Leoni was also helpful and their 4 yr old daughter kept me entertained for the 5 hours we were stuck there. M

over the range tyre and mechanical repairthe sign on the gibb pulls you in

here we go again
Here we go again! Todd checking the shock absorber.


While Todd was under there he noticed cracks in the chassis. Todd welded these for us.

tyre sculpture
Tyre art
nevile fixing someones tyre
Neville checking a dead tyre. He showed me what they look like inside when you drive on a tyre with a puncture. They get filled with “Kimberly Snow” as he called it. Tiny black flakes of tyre off the side wall. These don’t look so bad from the outside but become very dangerous to drive on if you just repair it. M
kimberly snow
Kimberly “Snow” inside a dea tyre

over the range

groovy vehicle
An interesting vehicle sitting at the shop


todd hard at work with the angle grinder
No this does not look good! Todd with the angle grinder.
todd at work
Welding the cracked chassis

It could have been 5 hours of hell but Neville and co at Over the Range made it such a positive experience for us and we cannot speak highly enough of them. M

Little did we know that the worn shock absorber had actually caused some more serious damage to the suspension which in turn was continuing to place stress on the chassis.   This made it crack again after another 100km or so, but that is the subject for another post.    S





5 thoughts on “Over the range tyre and mechanical repairs- Gibb River Road

  1. Sorry to hear of the problems, looking at that “interesting Vehicle” reminded me of the farm, and the fun we had on the buggy.


    1. Hi Glenda,
      At least we are in a nice part of the country to be having problems. With invariably sunny days and temperatures reaching about 30, its a good place to be. Yes I wonder where the buggy is now. I always have good memories of it as the car I learnt to drive in.


    1. Yes Wazza, It starts hard and then whom ever is responsible for grading the road has not done the road this year before the start of the tourist season and it get very bad quickly with the greatly increased traffic. We hear it is being graded now and the people going through now will have an easier time. M



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