Imintji and Bell Gorge

From Mornington we continued down the Gibb River Road to Imintji, a small Aboriginal community on the Gibb River Road where we spent two nights and left the caravan to do a day trip to Bell Gorge.  From there we planned to move on to Winjana Gorge (just 20km off the Gibb River Road) and do a side trip to Tunnel Creek.

gibb river road plan b

bell gorge jumper

Lower Bell Gorge:  school holidays have kicked off so we shared the serenity with about 100 others!    In this photo some younger folk can be seen jumping off a cliff.     Unfortunately, my nose is not designed for doing this and I usually end up with half the pool in my sinuses.  So, while it looks fun, I tend to steer away from such activity myself – S

bell gorge swim
By incredible chance and skill I managed to get this shot of Maddy alone in the pool below the main falls at Bell Gorge.   About 20 people lie obscured behind the rock ridge on the left and about 6 or 8 swimmers are just out of the frame on the right.   However, all we had to do was walk about 200m upstream (away from the gorge) and we could enjoy some peace and quiet next to a serene section of Bell Creek on our own.
steve at bell gorge
Dying to get into my swimmers.
roadside black cockatoo
A permanent spring feeds a creek that crosses the Gibb River Road on the eastern edge of Imintji. I went there to look for birds each evening.   On both occasions, this red tailed black cockatoo came to drink from a small muddy pool formed by cars splashing up water at the crossing rather than drinking the nice clean water just metres away.   It obviously likes the taste of mud, rubber, oil and brake shoe dust.
leaden flycatcher male
A male leaden flycatcher at the crossing
imintji sign
Our campsite at Imintji was immaculate and managed by the community.
imintji campsite with the king leopold ranges
Our spot at Imintji with the beautiful backdrop of the King Leopold Ranges.    The open hatch behind the caravan’s wheel houses the fridge compressor.    The little fan on the door of this hatch has started to give out, so we leave it open when camped.
health education at an aboriginal community
Diabetes is a major problem in the aboriginal community so this sign tries to raise awareness of the risks of processed drinks.
Victoria head Napier Range
From Imintji, we continued on to Winjana Gorge, which cuts though a 300 million year old limestone reef that runs for several hundred kilometers in the western Kimberley.   This feature, called Queen Victoria’s Head, lies at the point where the Gibb River Road passes through this reef about 20 km north of Winjana Gorge – the subject of the next post

2 thoughts on “Imintji and Bell Gorge

    1. Yes Lynn, There are dozens of beautiful places to swim on the Gibb River rd. There are a few too many people to share them with on school holidays though. We and the gray nomads out here cant wait for them to go back. I love working with kids but don’t want them on my holiday! M


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