Broome’s northern beaches

Like Sydney’s Manly beach, Broome’s Cable beach is the best known, but both places have a string of additional beaches extending northwards.   However Broome’s beaches are far more wild, both in terms of habitation and the size of the tides.  They also offer fantastic free camping opportunities.    So I headed about 40km north to Quandong Point for a couple of nights to do a bit of exploring and relaxing.  S

quandong point camp
The camp spot at Quandong Point.  Set atop the familiar “pindan” cliffs of the Dampier Peninsula
quandong point view at low tide
The view from the dining room at low tide.
quandong point view at high tide
The same view at high tide
quandong point camp 2
Looking back at the camp spot from the end of the rock shelf at low tide.   There are reported to be about 500 dinosaur footprints along this coastline.  However if they are spread out over 50 km and the rock shelf is sometimes several hundred meters wide, they are still pretty hard to find.  I didn’t find any.      From this distance the coast looks pretty much deserted.  However there was a caravan or camp dotted every 50 to 100m along the cliffs in this area.    While one isn’t alone, campsites are far enough apart to feel private and its far cheaper (free) than the $60 per night you pay to stay in a cramped caravan park in Broome.
james price point
The view from James Price point looking north to the next 10km or so of beach.
giant clam
It was interesting to see giant clams exposed at low tide.
moon at quandong point
The new moon setting at Quandong Point (or should I say the earth turning me away from the moon)
barred creek
The mouth of Barred Creek (about 10km south of Quandong Point)
YABUBIWA – yet another beautiful unspoilt beach in Western Australia
barred creek beach
Dolphin’s playground.
bedroom view
With a view like this from the bedroom it was hard to leave, but the prospect of seeing more birds at the Broome Bird Observatory eventually tore me away.

2 thoughts on “Broome’s northern beaches

    1. Hi. Yes it’s a nice change watching the moon and sun go down over the ocean as opposed to having to get up early to see the sun rise over the ocean back east.


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