Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef

giralia bay station stay
We spent our last night on the drive to Exmouth on a station stay. Giralia Station was a sheep farm that is now de stocked and operates as a low key tourist facility, rather than an actual farm. There was a lot of old interesting farm stuff around the place to look at and we parked our van next to the old shearing shed and had a lovely quiet night under the stars. You could drive all the way to the coast on this property but we didn’t. We knew we would be getting a much better coast very soon. M




exmouth on Ningaloo Reef
We were last in Exmouth about 16yrs ago and things have changed a lot. There are many roads now paved and much more development. There is a biggish marina and a lot of money has been spent on different projects around town. There is a lot more competition from the tours etc. The best thing is Ningaloo Reef is still here and most importantly in 2011 this coast line was added to the world heritage list acknowledging it as one of the outstanding natural places in the world, following a mighty environmental fight! Now we hear that fight continues as now there are some that would like this area to be like the Pilbara and propose to put gas and oil pipe lines right next to the reef in the Exmouth Gulf!!!!!!They have wrecked the Pilbara now they are working their way down to this beautiful, unusual, untouched coast! Unbelievable! M
big prawn
The big prawn was not as big as the one in Ballina but more realistic!  Exmouth is apparently famous for it’s prawns which we have yet to try.

We had a walk and a swim on town beach which we can walk to from where we are camped  and found these sculptures down at the marina development. The emus and Kangaroo were made out of old motorcycle and car parts and looked amazingly real from a distance.

There are a lot of real Emus that just walk around the town here. Steve had to chase one away from the bush at the back of our caravan, when it looked ready to taste his tea. An adult emu is 6 feet tall and when you are sitting down and they are coming at you with that big beak they feel huge. There should be an “Emu risk” sign here but we haven’t seen one yet.  M

Above is one Emu to keep a look out for around here. It likes to come                                       around campers sitting outside and see if it can steal a free meal.



badjirrajirra walk sign
We did this walk in the Cape Range National Park not far from Exmouth

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We think Western Australia spends the most on danger signs than any other state. No less than 4 risks in our life in just one day. The only real risk was the emu attack but there was no sign for that one.

capr range hole
Looking down into one of those dangerous sink holes!
shothole gorge
Looking down into Shothole gorge from our lunch spot
purple flower at cape rnage
Wildflowers along the way.

spikey blue flowers at cape range

yellow flowers at cape range

purple flower near mangrove bay

bird flower
The most amazing green bird flower.
Nankeen Kestrell 2
Nankeen Kestral
SS Mildura sign
The ship wreck SS Mildura at low and high tide below was the reason this point got a light house. It was a snorkel site but the currents were a bit strong going around the point here, so we didn’t see this one except from the shore.
vlamingh head lighthouse
Vlamingh Head Lighthouse with Ningaloo Reef in the background.
jarabi turtle centre
A loggerhead turtle at the Jarabi turtle centre. There are 3 types of sea turtles along this coast. The Green, Loggerhead and Hawkesbill and they are all in decline in the world. It was good to see so many (green) turtles where ever we went though not sure if we ever saw the others. The Hawkesbill has the most beautiful shell that combs etc used to be made out of. We really must protect these gentle creatures.
french artist comment
The Dutch and the French were in Australia before the British and I thought this was an interesting impression from a European in 1818 for this wild and beautiful coastline.
SS Mildura sign
This ship is now a snorkel site on North West Cape just off shore but the currents are a bit strong on this point so we didn’t do it.

Mildura wreck at low and high tide.

steve sun bathing
We decided to try the clothing optional beach as we thought there would be few people on it and we wouldn’t need to wet our swimmers. It was a lovely beach and this is how a red head sun bakes after a swim.
mauritius beach
Mauritius beach yet another beautiful beach you could sit and watch turtle after turtle come up for air.
steve bird hide
The mangrove bird hide in the Cape Range National Park. No new birds here.
shot hole canyon
Afterwards we drove up shothole canyon to see it from the other direction.

shot hole canyon 2

in shothole gorge

charles knife gorge
Looking down from Charles Knife Drive.


4 thoughts on “Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef

    1. We have not eaten out in Exmouth yet to try them Glenda. We have been spending all our money on Whales. More about this to come! M


    1. Yes Warwick, Huge disappointment! I cried selling my 18yr old Corolla before we left that never gave me any trouble. I will be laughing when we get rid of this lemon! What’s worse was the total lies Steve was told by Toyota about the whole situation. There should be a recall of cars with this stupid engine. Maybe they need a second class action to get them moving! M


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