murchison house station
There was no camping in Kalbarri National Park so we camped close by on the Murchison river on this goat farm.
carnabys cockatoo
The first excitement was Steve finding a Carnaby’s Cockatoo near the river. Not so easy to find these guys. Number 328!

We had heard how amazing the Spring wildflowers were in this area, but we were a bit late. We got only the left overs from Spring but we were still impressed with the road either side of the car looking like a garden at times.



purple spikey flower with light yellow tipswhite petalled red flower with tiny yellow wormy bits

purple centred orange flower with white bits
Many of the flowers were tiny and just magnificent when you got down close to look. Works of art of nature.
thorny devil 2
How gorgeous is this guy!!!Steve had to swerve to miss him.
thorn devil 3
Would anything actually try to eat this guy?
thorny devil
We were both really excited to finally see a “Thorny Devil” . It was after about 15 yrs of looking for these in the outback. They are so well camouflaged that we nearly drove over it on the road. We pushed it off the road and then had a closer look. It was very cute and walked like a hesitant toddler. Hard to pick up though!
murchison river info sign
The Murchison is a huge river with many rivers emptying into it and the river mouth is at Kalbarri town so we knew we would get some swimming in here.
ross graham lookout
A bend in the Murchison River at Ross Graham lookout.


This was a weird huge dinosaur scorpian/crab thing with the sign being the actual size and it’s fossil tracks it left in the rock. Lots of weird and wonderful stuff here in WA.

z bend lo
The view at z bend lookout



99% of people that came to this part of the park walked only the 400 metres to “Natures Window” rock formation for a photo opportunity and then walked back to their cars. However, the best park of the park was the Loop Trail. It was a lovely varied walk that followed a big bend in the river walking both up on the cliff line for great views or down on the riverside for great swims. Since most people didn’t go down there, were had the pools to ourselves! Well not quite. There were heaps of black swans honking away at each other and Pelicans, Cormorants and Grebes. No new birds though.

loop walk panorama
Panorama from the start of the walk


loop trail info

Once again we are walking on an ancient sea bed and there was plenty of ripple stone to tell the story.



walking along the ledges of the loop

loop walk looking back



loop walk with happy maddy



black swan
There were plenty of these guys all along the walk.
loop walk with happy maddy
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Little Black Cormorant 2

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We did the walk down to Eagle Bluff Beach but with a huge swell it was not swim friendly. The pink lake near Port Gregory was amazing. The pink is caused by carotenoid producing algae Dunaliella Salina in the water. Beta Carotene is used as a food colouring agent,  and a source of vitamin A.


pink lake walk

pink lake salt crystal
The salt crystals were huge. Much bigger than any other salt lake we have seen.
pink lake view
The lake is below sea level so sea water seeps in and the lake gets more and more salty. They also breed brine shrimp in there for the fishing industry and the aquarium trade.
pink lake dragon
This dragon didn’t mind the salt.
pink lake stilts
Stilts seem to like salt lakes too as we have seen them on a few.
pink lake underwater
The disappearing pink lake sign.
gorgeous pink lake and gorgeous girl
Trying hard to fit in with the lake.
pink lake sparkle
Huge salt crystals shining in the sun like diamonds.

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