Kalgoorlie and the Super Pit

Kalgoorlie started a couple of years before Gwalia as a gold mining town. The difference between Kalgoorlie and many of these old mining towns we have visited on this trip, is that it has never stopped mining. The underground mines of old have been turned into one big huge super pit and they continue to find gold to this day. It’s one of the richest gold deposits in the world! The good thing about this (for me who is not crazy about mining) is that there is money in town to restore all the beautiful old architectural gems that in many places go to ruin in towns that began last century. We only stopped here very briefly as we had been here a few years ago.

kalgoorlie mine info

superpit lookout
The Kalgoorlie-Boulder Super Pit where many underground mines were opened up into one great big hole in the ground. It’s amazing and horrible all at the same time.

golden mile info

kcmg trucks
Big truck and little dozer? Even the dozer is huge!
superpit shovel
It takes 4 scoops of this to fill one of those big trucks!
young hoover
Our old friend Herbert Hoover also used to hang out in Kalgoorlie, where he was smitten with a bar maid at the Palace Hotel, where he stayed. She was not to become the first lady, though he certainly had fond memories of her! He even wrote a poem about this time! We understand he was engaged at the time to Lou Henry, but they an “understanding”.
palace hotel picture
The Palace Hotel where Hoover used to stay in it’s hey day.
hoover mirror selfie
The mirror Herbert Hoover had made for the Palace Hotel as a “thank you”.
hoover poem
The  poem written by Herbert Hoover remembering a summer spent with one of the barmaids at the Palace hotel where he stayed while in Kalgoorlie. We wondered when he wrote this?




There are many beautiful buildings in Kalgoorlie and it’s old sister city Boulder. Many of these are pubs which much money has been spent on. It’s a funny place full of men wearing the high visibility clothing of the miner. The standard pubs hardly had a woman in them, except the barmaids. The “skimpies” which many pubs advertised on the door outside, were barmaids that served in sexy underwear! It is quite amazing that there is a place where this still exists. Not so many years ago these same women were topless!




We took a quick walk through the arboretum looking for birds. Unfortunately it doubled as a dog walking area, which is not good for seeing wild animals/birds. Though the spring flowers were finished there were some nice flowering gums.

Gimlet gumtrees has nice shiny bark

lemon flowered gumpink flower gummore pink flower gum

yellow plumed honeyeater
Steve found this yellow plumed honey eater in the caravan park. It’s number 329.

It was a brief stop in Norseman the next night at our next free camp with a couple of others on a quiet green paddock next to the sports field.



A life size statue of the horse Norseman who this town was named after. The story goes that he was found by his owner “pawing’ at a rich gold deposit which founded the town last century. Steve and I had seen the Michelle Payne movie “Ride like a girl” in Geraldton and I was trying out the jockey position.
norseman camels
Camels on the roundabout Norseman
Hoary headed grebes
Hoary headed Grebes on the sewage ponds just before the sun went down.

2 thoughts on “Kalgoorlie and the Super Pit

  1. Great shot of the Variegated. Those little ones never stand still long.
    The Carnaby’s had me going back to the books – I didn’t know about the two white tailed Blacks, so that is a new one for me.
    I felt little sorry for your Bald Spotted Bat. Though, if not a new sub-category, it’s comforting to see hair loss is a cross species issue.


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