The 1 year milestone

So here we are in Quorn after crossing the Nullarbor and about to head north to the famous Birdsville Track.   However today marks exactly 1 year after starting our big trip.  We have another 6 weeks or so to go before returning to Sydney to resume “normal” life, but worth a quick reflection on what we have done so far.

40,000 km driven; 32,000 km towing Keddie and about 10,000 on unsealed roads (6000 towing).  Below is a map of our route and camp spots, but a more readable picture can be seen by clicking the following link Travelmap 2.

travel map small

We have stayed in 168 different locations: three times in a tent, once under the stars, 6 nights on a boat, once with friends, 23 nights at home in Avalon Beach, 9 nights in a cabin/motel, 15 on a plane/back in South Africa (for Steve) and the rest (nearly 300 nights) in our now very familiar caravan, often with $500 per night resort views like this.

Cape northumberland view from keddie

We have had temperatures up to 44 degrees C and down to 0.5 degrees.  Two or three rainy days, a few too cold or too windy days, but mostly warmth and sunshine.

We have also spotted 333 different species of bird (I hope to get to 350 before the end of the trip), accumulated about 850 hours of driving time, put about 20 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere (plus whatever the boat and plane trips contributed) while the tax man lost out on many tens of thousands of dollars in income tax 🙂

Steve did not want me to mention this just in case, but I think it is worth a mention that we have now done 11,000 kms on dirt roads. We have never punctured or burst a tyre on these roads despite passing literally thousands of “dead” tyres people have left as litter in our beautiful wild places. Our only 2 tyre problems on the trip were in towns running over (rubbish yet again!) roofing screws/nails left on the road. We were able to have so few problems with tyres as we go low with our tyre pressures (always!) on dirt and drive slowly. What you also get from this is a more comfortable ride and you spot more interesting things to see which after all, is the reason for being out here! M





4 thoughts on “The 1 year milestone

  1. Can’t believe it is a year since you started your travels, 40,000km just amazing, have loved every blog and pics, will miss them, loved being in touch and learning so much about Oz. Shame back to the real world. And Guess Christmas will be in your home in Sydney, it will be interesting to hear how long it takes to get back into the routine of working and socialising again, and planning your next escape! Love to you both, Glenda.


    1. Hi Glenda, Yes we plan to be home by Christmas to avoid being on the road during school holidays, then work starts again on 2 Jan. I think that the real world will be an interesting change for a couple of days, but I don’t think it will be long before we start looking forward to our next escape. Love Steve


  2. Wow, already away for 1 year and home before Christmas !! Hope to catch up when your back and have absolutely loved the stories and photos and all the hard work you have both put into your blog.
    Going back to work would be a scary thought – my work is just finalising arrangements for me to drop back to work 3 days per week, so I will see how that goes before I decide on whether to retire completely. Glenn


    1. Thanks Glen, Good to see you are finally getting to slow down a bit. Steve saw this and said “weekday canyons here we come!” M


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