Thank you Quorn Caravan Park

OK, we don’t usually say too much about caravan parks in this blog mainly because we don’t stay in so many but also because we generally don’t like them. They are usually a place to do some housekeeping before getting back on the “road” as it were. There is one that stands out for me though and it is the one in the lovely town of Quorn. It is my favourite for the entire trip and this should have been mentioned on the Milestones blog. I mean if there were a Van Park travel contest then Quorn would be the winner!!

Essentially, the park has the feeling like somebody cares. There is serious drought on out here and yet you can see there is a garden around you. There are pots around the park filled with flowers and dishes under every tap to give the birds a drink. The facilities are immaculate- as clean as at home- OK maybe more even! The owners do all this without using toxic chemicals too. They think about their customers and the earth. This is hard to find anywhere let alone in remote Australia.

Quorn is a lovely town in itself with a lot around to do and see. The amazing Pichi Richi railway brings the people in, but there is so much more to do and see in the area. The Caravan Park is for sale we understand and it will be sad when it is sold, because I can’t imagine anyone doing such a wonderful job as Bronwyn and Gary. Thank you to you both, for giving us a home away from home!!


Maddy and Steve Norman

2 thoughts on “Thank you Quorn Caravan Park

  1. You could buy it.This could be your next project and we could visit you there. PS We are losing more neighbours. No 3 is for sale. Is it us????

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    1. HI Ian, Steve wouldn’t let me buy it. It’s worth less than our Avalon property though. We have just been offered a job at the Mungerannie pub. Phil, the owner want’s a break. He is getting about one person a day through here now. He is a real outback character. Check him out on u tube. Failing that, he said we could buy it. It is also up for sale! Is is us? M


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