Dayboro (sorry more bird stuff)

Inching our way closer to civilisation we stopped for two nights near Dayboro – a quaint country town about 20 minutes drive from the outer suburbs of Brisbane.

We camped at a ”youcamp” about 6km out of town and did an early morning bird walk at the nearby Juff’s crossing on the North Pine River followed by a day trip into d’Aguilar National Park in the hills behind Brisbane.

top knot pigeon

Top-knot pigeon – first seen in Conondale, but got a closer view in Dayboro

rose crowned fruit dove
The first excitement for the day was seeing 4 new species of bird bringing the total for the trip to 370.  The first: a rose crowned fruit dove, which conveniently sidled into a gap in the canopy.
barred cuckooshrike
Then some barred cuckoo-shrike flew past and stopped in the riverside casuarina
scarlet honeyeater
Scarlet honeyeater were darting about high up in the trees.  It was hard to get a good photo with the harsh back-light.
varied triller
Lastly I picked up a varied triller.

After breakfast we headed up the d’Aguilar range to do some walks in the mountain rain forests.  It was very hot and dry and we saw no new birds, but it was pleasant in the shade of the trees and vines

Strangler figs and vines starting to envelop their host trees.

ol got tree
Evidence of old growth logging from yester-year.  The holes in the trunk are from where the lumberjacks would insert planks on which to stand while making the main cut 2m above the ground. 

More birds at dAguilar: black faced monarch, rufous fantail and green catbird.

Late that afternoon we drove up alongside Lacey’s Creek, which is supposed to be a good spot for birds.  However, it was bone dry with very little bird activity.  However we did come across this disgusting scene of a dead cow being eaten by goannas.

    On a more pleasant note, we got a nice view of a king parrot and a huddle of stubble quails heading back to our camp site.

That night we retired early to prepare for the shock of returning to the big smoke.  For the next couple of days we would be battling Brisbane traffic and staying in an inner city hotel while we have the car and caravan serviced.

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