Coffs Harbour

We left Byron Bay and are slowly heading down the east coast towards Sydney. We drove through burnt out areas left and right of the pacific highway today. This is the first sign of the fires other than smoke that we have seen. We stopped at Mullaway beach for lunch and a swim. The water is still warm enough for us thankfully. We are camped at a beautiful camp spot for the next few nights near Coffs Harbour. We are camped in a horse paddock overlooking a dam and it is gorgeous here. We are glad that with this being one of our last nights “on the road” that it is such a beautiful spot. M

Coffs Harbour hills horse paddock camp
This is our ‘U Camp’ called Sunnyridge. Last week there were fires on the distant hills in this photo. Up the hill from us is all bush, so we would not want to be here in a fire!
horse paddock camp Coffs
Steve relaxing in our very own horse paddock after the drive down from Byron.
horse visitor coffs camp
This is the view out our window now. These guys are a bit cheeky though. They have tried to eat bits of the xmas decorations and tried to go off with one of my shoes in the night. They smell much nicer than cows and have much more personality.

But it’s not all fun and sitting around drinking cocktails and bird watching. When we arrived we took some inside photos to advertise the caravan to sell.  Steve’s photos make it look great but we have looked after it and it really does look in near new condition! We have yet to properly wash it too! M

Kedron inside view bedkeddie inside view bathroom washerkeddie inside view kitchen sinkkeddie inside view dinette

We headed into Coffs to do the walk out to Muttonbird Island. We didn’t see any Muttonbirds just pigeons pretending.

feral pigeon coffs breakwater

pigeon pretending to be a mutton bird
This guy was eyeing off the Muttonbird burrow
muttonbird island coff harbour panorama
View back over Coffs Harbour from Muttonbird Island with the smoky hills behind
lookout muttonbird island coffs
The look out to sea of the end of Muttonbird Island
Bindarri nat park swim spot
Near our camp was Bindarri National Park with a pocket of old growth rainforest that was very beautiful. You needed high clearance four wheel drive to get in there and we drove into a picnic spot with a beautiful swimming spot. There was a very strong smell of smoke as we swam and then we heard helicopters going back and forth over our heads. We decided we had better get out of there. There must have been a fine on a nearby hill as the park was closed the next day.
end of the skywalk dorrigo nat park
We spent the morning up at the Dorrigo National Park. This is the view from the Skywalk which looks out over the World Heritage listed rainforest.
cat bird dorrigo np
A cat bird seen on the Wonga walk
white throated treee creeper
White Throated Tree Creeper

crystal shower falls 2

steve behind crystal shower falls
Steve behind Crystal Showers Falls on the Wonga walk

crystal shower falls from behindgrey gerygone

black swan at the bellingen swimming hole
We stopped in the little village of Bellingen for a quick swim in the town swimming hole on the Bellinger River while geese and swans looked on.

Next we headed to Urunga on the coast to do the boardwalk walk over the mangroves. We didn’t see any new birds but it was a pretty birdy town.

urunga boardwalk
Urunga boardwalk
olive backed oriole
Olive Backed Oriole

female golden whistler

yellow tailed black cockatoos
We were looking for Glossy Black Cockatoos but only saw about a million Yellow Tailed Blacks
beach from hungry head urunga
The view from Hungry Head
urunga beach
Looking back to the end of the boardwalk and Urunga Beach. The beaches up here are beautiful and there is hardly a soul on them.
scarlet honeyeater
Scarlet Honeyeater
brush cookoo
Brush Cuckoo
wompoo pidgon
The threatened Wompoo Pigeon has got to be the prettiest pigeon ever!
wood duck sculpture
Wood duck sculpture on the walk around Urunga


royal spoonbills
Royal Spoonbills at the Urunga sewage treatment plant

Today we drove through more burnt out areas on either side of the pacific highway near Taree. The signs on the highway were melted so you couldn’t read them. It looked terrible and scary for the houses that were only sometimes a few hundred metres away from the fire blackened dead trees. M



2 thoughts on “Coffs Harbour

  1. Hi Helen,

    Only 100kms away tonight in Morisette. Big cleaning day tomorrow. See you Friday arvo if you are around otherwise on the weekend. M


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