Sad/glad to be home

We are now back home in Sydney enjoying the delights of long showers (although not too long due to water restrictions), a flushing toilet and a king size bed.  On the other hand the concept that the adventure is over brings pangs of nostalgic sadness each time I think about it and the upcoming novelty of returning to work and the buzz of city life is tempered by knowledge that this novelty will probably soon wear off and the daily feelings of anticipation and excitement for the attractions of the road are now a thing of the past.

Anyway, while all good things come to an end, this does not mean it’s the end of good things – there will always be more, especially if you have the right frame of mind.  Sydney is a beautiful city and a great place to live and we are very fortunate to be able to live here and still have enough left over to afford regular holidays in the future.

The final 500km down to Sydney from Coffs Harbour, was punctuated by a stop in Cooranbong which is about 100km short of Sydney then a final night in a caravan park on the northern beaches about 20km from the CBD.  We planned the first stop to allow time to give Keddie a final good clean at a nearby car wash facility as it had proved impossible to find a car wash in Sydney that was high enough to fit our caravan.   The last night’s stop was to give the caravan a good clean on the inside in a pleasant environment and where we could have the air-conditioner running (rather than trying to do it on the side of the road while it bakes in the sun).

These last two days weren’t exactly a holiday and it seems we didn’t take any photos of us cleaning the van – although in hind-sight we should have done so.  However, I did have the excitement of seeing a new species of bird in Cooranbong – a musk lorikeet, bringing the total for the trip to 384. Here is the full list with photos: Bird List.

musk lorikeet
Musk lorikeet

To wrap up: after 408 days, driving over 46,000km (towing 36000) we have seen some amazing sights and visited some beautiful spots – but the amazing thing is that there are still vast tracts of the country that we did not get to visit.   I would say that you need 2 to 3 years to see the whole country at the pace that we were travelling.  Some of these areas we had visited on previous trips (like the east coast of Queensland, Cape York and Tasmania) however there are still a few blank areas on the map, so while our next holiday might be overseas (just for the change) it’s good to know that there are still places in this wonderful country left for us to see and we also visited many areas on this trip that we already plan to see again – in a different season to see the change.  S

Finally, if anyone else is considering doing a trip like this, we can offer two simple, but valuable words of advice:

“Do it”. S

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a fan of social media, but I wanted to do this blog while we were away, for my Mum. I wanted her to be able to see us wherever we were as I knew I would not have a phone much of the trip, due to our love of remote places. What I didn’t know is how many people would be interested in what we were doing and where we were going and though it has been a lot of work, writing about places we have found interesting has also made the trip more rewarding. I learned a lot about many things out there on the road.

I want to thank the people who we have met along the way and the ones who let us know how much they enjoyed our travels. The people were as interesting often as the places. I also want to thank in particular Glenda, Helen P and Warwick who we felt were on the back seat with us! You made us laugh. I will cry when we sell the caravan as it has been such a lovely home but look forward to our next adventure-whenever that is! But for now it’s back to reality! M




10 thoughts on “Sad/glad to be home

  1. Hi Maddy and Steve

    When you were in Jbg and at SS with Mom, she introduced us briefly (over the fence, near Dot and Ken’s). Just to say how much we have enjoyed your trip – we felt as though we were with you every inch of the way through you interesting blogs. How fascinating it was to journey with you, to share your adventures and those wonderful birds and various creatures along the way. We have followed maps and learned so much from your descriptions – armchair travel at its best.

    Thank you and all good wishes and thanks for sharing. Hope we can travel with you another time. Denise and Don.


  2. Aaaaw sorry this has now come to an end, what an amazing trip you two have had, and the memories no one can take away from you. I am sure it is not going to be easy to get back into the swing of fast city life.
    Wishing you both a wonderful 2020 with little trips here and there to keep the batteries charged.
    Love Glenda


    1. Hi Glenda. It was great to have you along with us. It’s funny, but having such regular comments often made us think of you on the trip: when we would see something we would sometimes wonder what Glenda would think or say about it. Have a great new year and thanks again for all the comments.


  3. Congratulations on your most successful and interesting travels, and thank you for letting us go along with you. Best wishes for a Happy New Year,
    Love Brenda and Brian


    1. Hi. Thanks for following our travels and I hope it gives you some ideas of places to visit in this amazing country. Have a great new year and I hope you enjoy having your two boys and all the grandchildren together with you. Love Steve


  4. Thank you Maddy and Steve for your blog, we have followed your travels enthusiastically and our bucket list is no so long…..
    Hope to see you soon.

    Chris and Greg. X


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