Maddy’s termite mound sightings

With Steve fussing about all the bird sightings, Maddy was feeling a bit left out so she has taken up the role of official trip termite mound expert. This site is dedicated to recording all the most amazing termite mounds we have encountered.

To start off here is a photo of Maddy in termite mound heaven on the road from Burke and Wills Roadhouse to Julia creek.  She will add more as we go.  S

Actually I was NOT at all jealous of Steve’s bird list. The reality is that he was getting a bit tired of ME stopping the car to get out and take yet another photo of another termite mound with personality. When I am the driver I stop a lot more than he lets me when I am the passenger. While I have been very patient with the constant twitching that goes on. M

Maddy with termite mounds
How can you not love them?

So how can termites mounds have personality I hear you say? Well just take a look at these and then you decide.

Perfectly pointy-The perfectionist
tiny ant
Tiny Tim
Renovators delight
The ‘Blob’   Termites that just don’t care!
ants 2
The Castle
The sky scraper 
Public housing block

And if you thought those were good just take a look at the dressed ones!!!!!


Dressed for Success
dapper scarf termite
Trying to look dapper
ant worker
The working man



ant swimmer
The swimmer
The Hobo

The Girls

Its been a while since Maddy added a termite mound sighting.   Although Maddy thought this little one on the right below was boring, I was quite excited about it – I’ll call it the Mt Barney impersonator.   S

Mt Barney and termite Mound

NSW termite mount sighting
We have been on the lookout for interesting termite mounts in NSW, but so far they have all just been featureless blobs like this one.   As you can see, Maddy is not so enchanted by this one

Finally! An interesting shaped termite mound in NSW.   This one in Bournda National Park – about 1.5km north of the Wallagoot Gap carpark on the Kangarutha trail, about 10m off to the right for those who want to spot it in real life.

one eyed mushroom
The one-eyed mushroom with lance wound

Steve here.  Maddy seems to have lost interest in termite mounds – she says that we have not seen any interesting ones lately.   It might be true that those in the southern states are rather bland, however I saw this one the other day with a bearded dragon on it.   OK it wasn’t a real bearded dragon and it was in the Jeff Morgan panorama gallery in Hawker, but hey when there are slim pickings, you take what you can get.


panorama termite mound

Here we are back in Northern Territory in the Simpson Desert and the termite mounds are starting to look interesting again.   They still are not interesting enough for Maddy to take photo’s yet, so I had to put this one in as this page was getting a bit stale.    This one is named the spinifex imposter.  S

spinifex termite mound

giant castle termite mounds
Finally something worth writing about! The palace!
wedding ghost 2
The bashful bride.
butterfly springs termite
The turreted castle.
termite farm 2
These ones are so special on the Roper Highway this farmer has them fenced in to protect them!
termite man on the gibb river rd
Relaxed on the side of the Gibb River Rd. First dressed termite mound in Western Australia!
huge termite mound the wave
The “Wave”
baby elephant termite mound
The baby elephant
iron ore termite
Choc Top
snow capped peak
snow capped peak