Curious and Funny

One can see some strange art and other oddities flash past on the side of the road and although it’s sometimes hard to stop and turn a 6 tonne combination around to get a photo, sometimes this just has to be done.

dumbest sign ever
This is a nanny state joke!
buffalo mail
Life size Water buffalo mail box on the  Nathan River road NT
wycliffe well sign
Sign seen on the Stuart highway near Wycliffe Well
toilet instructions 2
The Mt Buller area seemed to be full of people who didn’t know how to use a toilet. The council was not taking any chances.
car sign
On the back of a car
old junk mailbox
A mailbox made out of junk in Glenlyon. The house looked like the mailbox.
mt buller ski totem pole
Ski totem pole on the way up Mt Buller
gnome tree house
The gnome tree house on the way up to Mt Buller
Interesting prehistoric creatures to avoid on the road to Mt Buffalo:  Stegasauroo; Marsupial Ankylosaurus and Lyre Pterosaur
roadside art Mr Smokey 1930 Great alpine rd
Saw this on the rd in the middle of nowhere on the Great Alpine rd. It is called Mr Smokey and was carved in 1930’s. It is a progressive artwork and anonymous locals regularly repaint him with a change of character each time.
skiiing roo
Saw this on the Great Alpine rd heading to Omeo Vic.
colourful house Eden
House in Eden. I think it was number 8????
highland meets the desert
Perhaps only in Australia!   Where else can you see a highland cow, Jersey cow and camels happily ruminating together?  (near Candelo in SE New South Wales)
highland cow
OK the highland cow probably felt a bit out of place with 31 degrees and high humidity.  Poor thing was panting with it’s tongue hanging out.  Not sure why it was standing in the sun though – maybe it was fascinated by the camels.
Christmas thong tree
It’s very uncommon to get a real snowy Christmas tree in Australia, but this type of Christmas tree, although more appropriate, is also pretty unique  (Eden, NSW)
blue tree wool wagon pathway
A blue painted tree on the Wool Wagon Pathway  WA